Energy (Oil&Gas, Hydraulic, Wind, Marine Current Turbines)

All means of energy production and distribution are of vital importance to our world. It is necessary to optimize the costs of their implementation, while respecting the environment and operational availability. Even when dealing with non-nuclear forms of energy, safety demands must be treated with an acute and adapted awareness of risk factors.

SECTOR works in all forms of energy production and distribution, whether fossil fuels or renewables.


RAMS Study on Fuel Cells

SECTOR worked with numerous actors on fuel cells for stationary and onboard equipment.

Functional Safety studies were undertaken in order to prove feasibility of the projects and equipment safety:

  • Assisting in design decisions
  • Full study following the requirements of ISO 13849
  • Functional analysis, PHA, FMECA and fault tree analysis

ORCA PROJECT: Tidal Turbine Power

Comprehensive assistance and studies from early design stages, to evaluate the parameters of availability and maintainability while optimizing safety:

  • Determining project issues and declination of RAMS objectives
  • Proposing an approach framing all the required analyses
  • Securing and optimizing design to reach goals
  • Dynamic modelling using Petri nets

Diagnostics and Performance Improvement of Maintenance Operations

The CNR has managed maintenance operations and production tools largely internally. With the objective of general improvement and to respond to availability and safety demands, SECTOR conducted a study in three steps:

  • Observing and analyzing existing conditions (factual photography, quantifying issues and determining objectives, actors and their roles, local constraints…)
  • Researching areas to improve (possible evolutions and the inherent implications, reducing periods of unavailability.)
  • Analyzing and creating action plans (implementation, scope and means)

Improving RTE system functions

Responding to the increasing demands of operational constraints, RTE developed an operational safety approach with SECTOR on its projects:

  • Implementing a functional safety approach on major projects
  • Modelling RAMS in the telecontrol network to determine the level of projected availability. Determining optimized structures, specifying demands facing equipment suppliers
  • Analyzing projected reliability of safety mechanisms to validate or improve specific design choices.

Updating existing RAMS analyses on the main crane for the POLARIS boat

This update followed the modification of certain systems for Subsea 7 (this boat entered the Subsea 7 fleet after being repurchased from Stolt Offshore.)

Project to improve the efficiency of drilling platform maintenance

Developing, applying and assisting in the creation of optimization methods for preventative maintenance based on the concepts of RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) on platforms and FPSO (Gabon, Angola, Syria, Iran, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Qatar, Congo)

For SAIPEM: preparing inspection plans following RBI (Risk-based Inspection) and FAME software, as well as all aspects of the FPSO (structure, static teams, piping) for the DALIA project (Angola), the client ultimately being TOTAL.

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