SECTOR has participated in almost all AIRBUS commercial and civil aircraft programs, as well as on the A430 and the three launchers operated by ARIANESPACE and the CNES: European (ARIANE 5 and VEGA) and Russian (SOYOUZ)…

The defense industry enjoys a high level of security and availability, but in different and often harsh environments, as well as from the financial constraints of increasingly prohibitive costs. The industry is therefore always searching for new and more efficient technologies. Fortunately, this is our area of expertise.


Assembly of passenger doors (A380/A320) and fuselage segments (A330/A350/A380)

Running and supervising Risk Analysis Processes on the A320, A330, A350, and A380 (passenger doors, fuselage upper section, fuselage lower section…):

  • Planning and running P-FMEA with multidisciplinary working groups (identifying experts and product specialists)
  • Organizing meetings with the goal of respecting the risk analysis schedule.
  • Implementing action plans aiming to reduce major risks

Joystick Barracuda Safety Case

Functional safety analysis, safety case and ILS for Joystick T281 Barracuda (level SIL3):

  • Functional analysis, preliminary hazard analysis (PHA), FMECA
  • Reliability forecasts and components lifespan assessment
  • Analyzing common modes and testability
  • Modelling through fault tree analysis, quantitative evaluation and hazard events
  • Comparing results with RAMS objectives and wrote safety report

Risk Management Mechanisms for Launch Operations

SECTOR participated through the framework of the law on space operations (LSO) on risk management tasks, without compromising private sector competitivity:

  • Guiana Space Centre in Kourou: tasks related to monitoring technical conformity of operations and to maintain launch system qualification (Ariane, Vega, Souyouz)
  • Activities performed in France for preparing campaigns and feedback

ACMAT Bastion HM Vehicle

Functional safety and logistics support studies on military vehicle (ACMAT):

  • Component FMECA
  • Modelling and quantifying hazard events by fault tree analysis
  • Reliability forecasts following reliability data of each logistic candidate in the logistic tree structures.

Assisting FAMAS/FREMM/TRAJAN Project Managers

Awareness of various interlocutors in project management, implementing different tools allowing for better project navigation:

  • Realizing and analyzing cost-at-completion of an A&T (arms and turrets) project portfolio. Supporting project manager of FAMAS FELIN, also within the A&T field.
  • Assisting project manager on TRAJAN offer within the artillery field.
  • Assisting project manager with FREMM contract (European multi-purpose frigate) within the A&T field.

Ensuring testing conditions availability

Applying an experimental approach to Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) on “Alstom 15 bar” air compressor in building 12 to improve availability of testing conditions for the design, assembly and trial site of Villaroche turbojet engines.

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