“Ensuring protection from ionizing radiation”

Radiation protection keeps the public and your employees safe from ionizing radiation

At Sector, we help our clients with radiation zoning, irradiation and contamination issues (individual and collective protection, nuclear ventilation, etc.), and impact studies.

Sector’s approach is based on various calculation tools that allow us to optimize dosimetry and develop biological protection.

Calculation codes: MCNPx, Geant4, Mercurad, Microshield…


Safety review of refuse incineration and melting plant. Reviewed, coordinated, supervised, and recorded safety case elements, response documents to ASN/IRSN needs and obligations. Radiation Protection tasks (dose monitoring tools, optimization, improving annual dose records). Refuse studies, radiation zoning, and maintenance.

Radiation protection calculations on radioactive waste package transfer equipment

Calculations concerning dispersion of radioactive elements in the atmosphere (ICPE) for the Fontenay aux Roses centre

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