Proposing robust and adapted organization through a governing approach centered on your goals

We help our clients with organizational structuring, master plans and maintenance strategies that generate maximum efficiency.

Our most common jobs include:

● Defining actor roles and responsibilities (cartography, RACI)
● Defining modes of governance (operating, following-up, meetings)
● Supporting the creation of subcontracting policies
● Assisting project managers with maintenance contracts
● Response support for O&M bidding on national and international projects
● Assisting in choice of information system (ERP, CMMS, EDM, MIS)
● Creating lists of indicators on the base of the indicator pyramid


Helping RATP DÉV submit an Operation & Maintenance offer for the Riyadeh Metro

Helping RATP Dév (an international subsidiary of RATP) to create their O&M offer (for the maintenance and asset management part) for the future Riyadeh metro for a 10-year period.

After interviewing RATP Paris experts, and drawing from the vast experience of our team of rail experts, we proposed a maintenance organization structure adapted to the specific needs and context of Riyadeh. Our comments included not just the stable operations phase and the metro maintenance phase, but all stages related to introducing service and progressive transfer between the transport system supplier and the operator—which could last up to two years (including the warranty period).

This work was conducted as part of an international competition.

Project Manager Assistance for the acquisition of a CMMS, beginning with identifying the needs of Nord-Pas-de-Calais et Centre Bourgogne Regional Management

● Diagnosing pre-existing conditions as well as a note concerning the needs of the Regional Management,
● Opportunity study and cost evaluation touching on various scenarios,
● Gathering the necessary pieces for CMMS software acquisition (CCTP, BP, DE), allowing for EDC preparation,
● Analyzing candidates and offers,
● Implementation period support.

Consultation concerning general maintenance optimization (technical and organizational) of the Chevron du Havre Petrochemical Plant

● Reintegrating Maximo maintenance management tool into all maintenance activity and new projects,
● Improving subcontractor maintenance,
● Implementing a preventive/curative maintenance monitor analysis.

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