Putting human components at the centre of maintenance organizations

Human components are a major factor in the efficiency of your organizational structures.

On this matter, we help our clients to:
- Prepare skills matrices
- Identify current and future unique skills
- Implement and optimize forward-looking skills and employee management
- Generate adapted training plans
- Foster communication within service


Support tasks for the Department of Engineering, Works and Maintenance --CHT pour la psychiatrie parisienne

LThe CHT de la psychiatrie parisienne includes three member hospitals (Saint-Anne, Maison-Blanche and Perray-Vaucluse) and two affiliates.
In this case, the CHT contacted SECTOR’s specialists in organization (specifically, engineering, project and maintenance organization), notably in the field of health, to diagnose the current situation and to propose an improvement plan for operational implementation of the group.
The Division of Engineering, Works and Maintenance expects as a result of this common governance pool, to improve costs and rendered through common practices and resources.

Implementing changes for organizational repositioning of offsite maintenance teams

  • Individual and collective round table discussions
  • Framing course of action
  • Defining target organizational structures through multidisciplinary groups
  • Supporting change and implementing target organizational structures

VNF Establishing Proposals: Supporting Operations/Maintenance Reorganization

Supporting the Strasbourg Territorial Division to define and implement organization and sizing by route, concerning operation and maintenance according to the 2017 Establishing Project. For this task, the following phases were implemented:

  • Phase 1: Current situation: activities and service offers,
  • Phase 2: Target organizational structures and sizing by route,
  • Phase 3.1: Prioritizing route treatment
  • Phase 3.2: Implementing change, phase and implementation trajectories.

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