Guiding you through formulating, implementing and monitoring tools and methodologies that address maintenance function issues, both current and future.

Increase your assets availability, perpetuate the longevity of your facilities, and rationalize your expenses—these are the areas that Sector develops via methods and tools based on “cost/risk” decision aids.

There are countless tasks that belong to this field. Here are several examples:

● Applying optimization methods of preventative maintenance plans and inspections (RCM, AP913, RBI)
● Equipment reliability via FMECA approaches
● Deep analysis of feedback associated with your facilities to deduce their reliability
● Outlining spare parts holdings and stock levels (strategic parts, common parts, supplies, etc.)
● Managing and treating obsolescence
● Determining the right moments to replace industrial assets
● Systematically calculating return on investment of recommendations (business cases, cost/risk, etc.)
● Optimizing maintenance plans (start-stop, combined activity, critical path, etc.)
● Implementing approaches to navigating change (5S, time without value added, etc.)


Helping AIRBUS improve its production tools through optimized, expert maintenance engineering

Availability is a primary issue that must be addressed to avoid delivery delays and associated costs. In this framework, Sector’s recommendations included introducing Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methods, allowing for the identification and analysis of critical failures on the final assembly lines of the A350, A320 and A380, and to identify their root causes. Sector proposed custom solutions aiming to reduce the frequency and scope of these failures.

Optimizing production unit assets management

Within the framework of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Sector laid out preventive maintenance plans using the RCM method and PARME (Project to Improve the Profitability of Maintenance) on different workshops (collision, rimming, painting, assembly, mechanics) within the majority of the group’s factories (Sochaux, Mulhouse, Poissy, Rennes, Metz). This method was implemented more than 1,000 times across these sites, and results show a 20% decrease in maintenance costs after improving the availability and reliability of this equipment.

Benchmark and competitive evaluation: maintenance costs of metro line rolling stock

Benchmark and competitive evaluation: maintenance costs of Paris Metro rolling stock (line 1 and line 14)

● Accounted for technical and functional characteristics of the lines (passenger service) and materials (type, age, etc.),
● Accounted for general maintenance plans,
● Defined an organizational structure for maintenance work,
● Evaluated the necessary personnel for the planned work and benchmarks concerning corrective action
● Considered work conditions (night, weekend, strain)
● Described maintenance teams and rollout,
● Considered risks and benefits of subcontracting,
● Aggregated and consolidated personnel costs and means (supplies, parts, interfaces).

Design support for Optimized Maintenance Programs (OMP) for EPR FLA3 bearing following the AP913 method

● Documentary review and study of systems elements (DSE, RGE (STE, EP etc.), EIP lists, material classification, start tests)
● Defined AP913 perimeters by system and divided by functional equipment group
● Functional classification of all equipment in the system following the AP913 method
● Addressed operational requirements: impact studies on degradation patterns affecting each component to optimize frequency of maintenance tasks
● Integrated regulatory (ESP/ESPN, environmental, etc.) and internal (insurance requirements) demands
● Work timing (units in operation/unit shutdown)
● Timing multi-year project and bridging the gaps between timing and job choice
● Wrote study notes and technical notes
● Committee review with the Technical Director and representatives of different services to validate the Optimized Maintenance Plan

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