Providing expert opinions on your organization and operating mode.

At Sector, we work closely with our clients to take inventory of organizations in place to co-construct a performance optimization plan based on management, human resources and methods.

Tasks that fall into this category are generally based on:

--Situational awareness (issues, actors, constraints)
--Meetings with your team (interviews, surveys, benchmarks)
--Process modeling (RACI, Brown Paper…)
--Volumetric data analysis issues (ERP, CMMS, various other files)

These considerations allow us to draw a map of strengths (also known as anchor points when considering changes) and weaknesses that require attention and improvement.


Maintenance optimization for a public transit vehicle fleet: PROTRAM project

SECTOR assisted SEMITAN (Public transportation company for the city of Nantes) face the increasingly difficult challenges of management revisions, restricted by necessary technical needs (surface workshop, large specific tools) and the constraints of available resources.

● General diagnostics: maintenance dysfunction, revision problems, best practices assessment
● Proposals: on current maintenance practices, optimizing maintenance tasks and logistics
● Support: consulting on writing new processes, creating new operating modes, implementing new action plans and communications support

Hospital maintenance inventory of CHRU Lille-- establishment proposal 2017-2021

Implementing diagnostics and a shared vision of a 10 year-long project via formalizing recommendations on:

● The strategic position of CHRU Lille within four levels (international, national, regional and local)
● Improvement goals for each diagnostic zone (technical maintenance, biomedical) while setting several timeframes: the first lasting 5 years, between 2017 and 2021, for the future establishment project; the last 10 years, for implementing a strategic approach to the new project, with a proactive vision of the major issues anticipated by CHRU Lille and the challenges to come.

Non-value added time analysis for Pierlatte COMURHEX 1 plant general maintenance contract

Within the context of general plant maintenance for the COMURHEX 1 plant, key challenges became clear, notably operating time and therefore plant availability.

These findings led COMURHEX management to entrust SECTOR with a non-value added time study to identify progress sources as well as to bring the following decision elements into the maintenance contract:

● Modeling “operations preparation” and “operation planning” after running interviews,
● Conducting “time management analysis” for maintenance teams,
● Conducting specific volumetric analysis,
● Generating an analysis report.

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